Research Staff

Dr. Jon A. Linker

Jon A. Linker, Ph.D.
President and Senior Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-6489

Dr. Linker's interests in solar and heliospheric physics include the structure of the large-scale corona, the evolution and eruption of coronal magnetic fields, the initiation of coronal mass ejections, and the application of coronal and solar wind models to space weather forecasting.

Dr. Zoran Mikić

Zoran Mikić, Ph.D.
Vice President and Senior Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-6493

Dr. Mikić is a computational plasma physicist specializing in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation of solar and fusion plasmas. His research interests in solar physics include large-scale MHD modeling of the solar corona, the eruption of coronal magnetic field arcades, coronal mass ejections, the three-dimensional structure of the solar corona, modeling of active-region coronal magnetic fields, coronal heating, and solar flares. He is also interested in the implementation and development of implicit algorithms, and in the inversion of sparse matrices.

Dr. Pete Riley

Pete Riley, Ph.D.
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Senior Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae available upon request

(858) 450-6494

Dr. Riley studies the large scale structure of the solar corona and inner heliosphere as well as the eruption and evolution of coronal mass ejections, and their interactions with the solar wind. He uses global magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) models to interpret coronal and heliospheric observations in an effort to understand the underlying physical processes at work.

Dr. Roberto Lionello

Roberto Lionello, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-6490

Dr. Lionello has experience in computer simulations applied to several fields of astrophysics and solar physics. He is mainly interested in the simulations of the large scale structure of the solar corona and of the solar wind, and on the development of new algorithms.

Dr. Viacheslav Titov

Viacheslav Titov, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-6492

Dr. Titov is a theoretical plasma physicist with a strong record of publications in solar magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and structural analysis of solar magnetic fields. He is experienced in advanced methods for solving differential equations of mathematical physics and skillful in using computer-algebraic systems and developing numerical algorithms.

Andres Reyes
Software Engineer
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-6491

Andres is a software engineer who works on the design and development of CORHEL and various visualization applications as well as web applications for designing simulation runs and analyzing simulation results. He is mainly interested in software engineering, user interface design and web development.

Dr. Tibor Török

Tibor Török, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 450-9504

Dr. Török is an astrophysicist who works on numerical simulations of dynamic phenomena occurring in the solar corona. He is mainly interested in the physics of solar eruptions, but also works regularly on other coronal phenomena like flux emergence and coronal jets.

Dr. Michal Ben-Nun

Michal Ben-Nun, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 225-2307

Dr. Ben-Nun is a theoretical chemist with a strong record of developing and implementing new algorithms for ab initio molecular dynamics calculations and accurate large-scale quantum chemistry calculations. At Predictive Science, she is part of an Influenza Dynamics Forecasting group.

Dr. Cooper Downs

Cooper Downs, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 225-2312

Dr. Downs is an astrophysicist whose research focuses on understanding thermodynamic and magnetic processes in the solar corona. He is particularly interested in the improvement and validation of numerical models through direct comparisons to observational data.

Dr. Ronald M. Caplan

Ronald M. Caplan, Ph.D.
Computational Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 225-2314

Dr. Caplan is a computational scientist whose main interests are in developing and optimizing numerical methods for simulating physics-based models and their implementations in parallel high-performance-computing environments. His research currently focuses on the continued development and optimization of Predictive Science's magnetohydrodynamic codes used to study the solar corona and heliosphere, as well as providing computational solutions for additional projects.

Dr. James A. Turtle

James A. Turtle, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Curriculum Vitae

(858) 225-2316

Dr. Turtle works in the areas of nonlinear dynamics, coupled oscillators, and computational analysis. Currently he works on modeling and forecasting infectious diseases, including Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) forecasting. He has also used bifurcation theory to investigate synchronization in a network of coupled spin-torque nano oscillators.